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We are happy to announce the release of Appliku Teams.

With the Teams feature developers can collaborate on projects within the organization.

Why it matters?

Up until this point Appliku served well deploying apps of individual developers. But when there was a need to invite teammates to work on the app there was no good solution for that. Now intead of sharing your account credentials you can create a team and invite your colleagues.

Getting started

To create a team, first you need to get an Appliku account

After that head over to the team creation page:

Pick a name, path and a plan for your team.

Invite others from the "Members" tab.

How it works

Servers: Team account has its own connections to cloud providers, so servers created through the team are isolated from your personal projects.

Applications: Applications can be deployed on the servers that belong to the team.

Members: Team members can have one of three access levels:

  • Owner – has full access over thea team, including server management, billing, applications, members
  • Admin – has access to server creation, applications and can manage members of level Developer.
  • Developers – can create, manage and delete applications, these users can't manage users or create servers. In other words, members of level "Developer" cannot cause additional cloud charges.


At this moment there is no automatic migration in place to move a project from personal projects to the team, so any migration should happen manually by creating server(s), application and moving other related resources.


Teams have their own plans, which are listed at the pricing table:

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