We have released a webhook that allows you to trigger deployment from the outside system, like CI/CD or on commit/push from your git repository provider.

To use webhook go to your Application settings.

On the "Build Settings" tab make sure to disable "Push To Deploy" checkbox if it is enabled, or it will run deployments twice: once on git push, second: on your webhook call. Note: Push to deploy functionality is disabled for Custom Git Repositories, so the checkbox is not even visible.

Go to the "Webhook" tab and copy the Webhook URL and paste it to your system that will trigger deployments. You can also copy the CURL command that you can copy and paste into your CI/CD pipeline.

Keep in mind:

  • Appliku is relying on branch, not on a particular commit. It always builds with the latest commit that is in the branch. If you made multiple commit/push and your CI/CD processed the first of them and sent the webhook, in Appliku it will result in build for the latest commit in the branch, not the one your CI/CD was working on. All subsequent pings from your CI/CD from this batch of commits will result in deployments based on the same, latest commit.

  • Appliku always returns 201 HTTP code when calling the webhook.