Save time on Python Apps deployment

Appliku is a modern Auto DevOps Platform that builds and runs your Python and Django apps from GitHub repo. Focus on building your app, Appliku will deploy and run it.

Easy, Powerful and cost-efficient

Appliku builds and runs your Django Apps on your Digital Ocean Servers.

  • Server Setup

    Appliku takes care of the server setup so you don't have to worry about it.
  • Your cloud servers

    Servers are created in your Digital Ocean account. You pay separately for you servers directly to your cloud provider.
  • Cost-efficient growth

    You can run multiple apps on the same server without increasing your hosting bills.
  • HTTPS-only

    All web apps are deployed with an SSL certificate issued by Let's Encrypt.
  • Databases included

    You can include any number of Postgres, Redis and RabbitMQ databases to your application.

    All apps come with persistent storage for your media files. Media is served by NGINX from the /media URL
  • Push-To-Deploy

    An app is connected to a GitHub repo. every commit that's pushed to your preferred branch is deployed.
  • Custom Domains with SSL

    Paid plans allow you to add any number of custom domains.
  • Procfile support

    All processes that should run in your app are specified in Procfile. You can turn them on and off from the dashboard.
  • Built and run in Docker

    Apps are run in isolation from each other in Docker containers
  • Built transparently

    You can debug any issues during build and deploy stages by viewing the Deployment Logs in the dashboard
  • Data is yours

    We don't store your codebase. The code is pulled from the repo by your server where the app is then built. Our dashboard only stores process list from the Procfile
  • Comes with a free plan

    You can use free plan as much as you need with a single server and no custom domains.
  • Starter app

    We provide a starter Django Project to quickly start your next big thing

For solo-makers, small and medium teams

Appliku aims to run a software business in a cost-efficient manner. You pay a fixed fee for our dashboard. All hosting expenses you pay directly to the cloud provider without any additional fees on our side.

How It Works

5 steps to deploy your app

  • 1

    Create Appliku Account

  • 2

    Connect to GitHub and Digital Ocean accounts

    In your account settings provide tokens for both services.

  • 3

    Create a server

    Server is created in your Digital Ocean account. After Digital Ocean finishes server creation it will take us couple additional minutes to run the setup and make it ready for your apps!

  • 4

    Create an app from GitHub Repo

    Pick a unique application name, select a repository and a branch, select a server to deploy to.

  • 5

    Add resources, domains and config vars

    Give your app what it needs to run in a very simple to use dashboard

  • 6

    Your app is live!

    Hit the "Deploy" button and your app is live! When you push new code to your repository app will be automatically re-built and deployed with Push-To-Deploy feature!

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Get started today

Get started in 5 minutes


The only needed addition to your project to run

web: gunicorn appliku_start.wsgi
release: python migrate
celery: celery worker -A appliku_start.celeryapp:app

Place this into the /Procfile in your code repository

Adapt it to your project's needs. You can turn then on and off in the dashboard

Affordable Pricing for Everyone

Fixed fee for our service. You pay for your cloud server separately to Digital Ocean.

  • Starter

    Perfect for beginners
    • ✓
      Single Server
    • ✓
      Unlimited Apps
    • ✓
      Unlimited Deployments
    • ✓
      Custom Domains
  • Serious

    A lot of projects
    • ✓
      4 Servers
    • ✓
      Unlimited Apps
    • ✓
      Unlimited Deployments
    • ✓
      Custom Domains
  • Free

    For learners and practice
    • ✓
      Single Server
    • ✓
      Unlimited Apps
    • ✓
      Unlimited Deployments
    • ✗
      No Custom Domains

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Appliku is a powerful Django Deployment Management System for startups, solo-entrepreneurs and hackers. Try it for free.

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