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Bulevar Cara Lazara 108/1, Novi Sad, 21101, Republic of Serbia

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Appliku was started by an experienced developer and a QA Director.
We believed there must be an easier and cheaper way to deploy our applications.

We didn't want to overpay for existing offerings on the market, where every little add-on increased monthly cost.

We wanted to take full control on our deployments.

We wanted to host on our own virtual servers.

We started experimenting with different build and deployment approaches.

Our efforts led to creation of our first product: Appliku Deploy.

We also have other things that we are working on:

Appliku Deploy

Service that takes care of building and deployment of your Python/Django apps(+node apps too).
  • Fixed monthly fee – unlimited deployments and application
  • Convenient interface to create and manage servers and applications
  • Free plan for those who are just starting out

Appliku Djangitos

Django project template that allows you to start building your app, skipping days of fine tuning project settings.
  • Open-source
  • Supports deployment to Appliku, Heroku, AWS Lambda(with help of Zappa)
  • Static and Media files stored on S3 and optionally served via CloudFlare
  • Emails sent via AWS SES
  • Support for Celery in container environment
  • Project behaviour can be changed by environment variables, no need to change code.

Appliku Discord Community

Discord community let's you ask for support and just hang out with other individuals who are building their apps with Python/Django.