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The cost-effectiveness of Appliku is unmatchable.

"Appliku has surpassed our expectations on all fronts. The platform's remarkable scalability allowed us to grow without constraints, simultaneously hosting hundreds of sites without any compromise on speed or performance.

The cost-effectiveness of Appliku is unmatchable. It provides us with a significant economic advantage, allowing us to channel our resources into improving our services rather than worrying about exorbitant hosting costs. Despite its affordability, the quality and range of features provided are unparalleled, making it a premium choice for us.”

Founder BuildFastCourse.com

"The deployments work *exactly* as advertised, and the team is super responsive to any kinds of questions!”

Siddhant Goel
Siddhant Goel
Software Engineer GeniePy (https://geniepy.com)

"When Icon.horse began to grow, my hosting costs increased.

Appliku let me take back control of my infrastructure and saved me a bundle of cash in the process.”

Mike Timofiiv
Mike Timofiiv
Maker of icon.horse

Switching from Heroku to AWS + Appliku revolutionized our business, delivering significant savings and newfound flexibility.

"As our SaaS expanded, Heroku's hosting costs became a burden, hindering our growth potential. Thankfully, we discovered Appliku, seamlessly integrated with AWS. With their guidance, migrating our applications was a breeze. In no time, our apps were up and running, and the impact was immediate.

The cost-effectiveness of Appliku was astounding. By combining their affordability with AWS's scalability, we save hundreds of dollars monthly, freeing up resources for service improvements.

Appliku and AWS empowered us to effortlessly host multiple sites, ensuring top-notch performance. Their support was exceptional, promptly addressing any concerns. Adding and removing domains was a breeze, and we could customize the build process with ease.

In summary, transitioning to AWS + Appliku transformed our business. The savings were substantial, enabling growth. We seamlessly hosted multiple sites while enjoying unmatched performance. With their affordability and unwavering support, Appliku became our premium choice. We're excited about the future it holds.”

Alexander Isora
Alexander Isora
CEO Unicorn Platform

"Simply the best and cheapest way to deploy your Django app.
I tried almost everything (Heroku, AWS, Render, DigitalOcean...) and Appliku has the easiest UI, best support and higher value overall.
Highly recommend!”

Antonio Tropiano
Antonio Tropiano
Data Internships

"I strongly recommend Appliku.com to anyone looking for a high-quality Python application deployment service. Their team's level of assistance is truly exceptional. They provide nothing short of incredible assistance. The team did not abandon me until my difficult deployment situation was resolved. In a nutshell, I've become a huge fan.”

Jawad Ashraf
Dr Uzr Tech

"I have a Django API and Appliku has made the deploy super simple. More importantly it's saving me more than 50% of the cost compared to my previous hosting setup.

I had a few issues/ questions with my deploy and got super fast support through the discord server. 10/10 would recommend for any Django app!”

Dave Faliskie
Dave Faliskie
Software Developer 1ManStartup

"I came from Heroku's free tier and have remained a happy paying customer of Appliku. It's absolutely straightforward and newbie proof to deploy a Django website. The support by its creator is unbeatable (fast), and the prices are fair! Every important service (DB, SSL etc.) can be easily spun up with just a few clicks in a menu interface. And there's a tutorial available for every important topic regarding deployment.”


"Appliku makes deploys simple and painless. I can use a server from any cloud service, not just AWS or other big names in the industry. Their customer service goes above and beyond the call of duty to help me get the most out of their service and to make me happy.”

Micah Killian
Micah Killian
Freelance Web Developer KILLIAN.arts

Appliku is really the best way to deploy Django apps.

"You get the best of both worlds, a PaaS like experience, but it’s your cloud servers where you can control costs and increase resources.

As our company grew and started to use AI, heroku our old platform completely broke down due to their arbitrary limitations on response time and their lack of support for Postgre features. Appliku came to the rescue.”

Jonathan Adly
Jonathan Adly
Founder GalenAI

"Such a nice service! I managed to migrate an application from Heroku in under 10 minutes.

As a plus an additional database type was added from request to production in under a day.”

Self employed

It’s easy to use, full of features, and has never gone down.

"Appliku is a service that makes my life 10x easier. It simplifies a complicated part of developing apps: deployment.

I can’t recommend using Appliku enough to manage your Django deployments.”

Partner Borderline Media Company

"The best way to deploy your Django applications hands down. Appliku provides the ease of Heroku without any of the limitations, rather completely customisable as per your needs via docker, or your cloud providers settings. The CI/CD works brilliantly smooth. Kosta is the best founder I know, he has built a truly fantastic product. I wish him success. I just described the product and Appliku automatically detected my new EC2 server and Elastic IP via the AWS connection. Connect to your repo and you're good to go. A real saviour.”

Raunaq Singh
Founder Unwrangle.com

"Appliku transformed the deployment of my Django app into an incredibly seamless and effortless experience. From start to finish, their platform exceeded my expectations and made the entire process a breeze. What truly sets Appliku apart is their exceptional customer service, which undoubtedly ranks among the finest I have ever encountered.

As a first-time deployer, I was initially daunted by the task at hand, but thanks to Appliku, I conquered it with absolute confidence. Their platform's intuitive interface and user-friendly features provided me with the necessary guidance and support, ensuring my success. I truly believe that without Appliku, achieving such a flawless deployment would have been very difficult.

Furthermore, Appliku's commitment to customer satisfaction shines through their impeccable attention to detail and prompt responses. Their knowledgeable and friendly support team was readily available, addressing all my inquiries and concerns with utmost professionalism. It's evident that they genuinely care about their users' success and go above and beyond to deliver an exceptional experience.

Choosing Appliku for my deployment needs was an absolute game-changer. They have not only streamlined my workflow but also empowered me to achieve results that seemed unattainable before. I wholeheartedly recommend Appliku to anyone seeking a hassle-free, reliable, and empowering deployment solution.”

Cory Tabor
Cory Tabor
Django Developer Crafts Next Door LLC

"I was coming into this as a complete newbie but I managed to get 2 apps up and running very easy and fast.
The help I am getting from Appliku is above and beyond.

Coming from support myself they support you get here is the best i have received. They answer all the questions I have no matter how silly they are.

I cannot recommend this enough to both people that just started with this and bigger companies, two very big thumbs for Appliku.”


It gave me the freedom to choose servers that fit

"Appliku is the perfect combination of PaaS and IaaS hosting, harnessing the ease of the former while leveraging the raw power of the latter.

It gave me the freedom to choose servers that fit, without the needless complexity of other services.

If you want seamless, common sense web hosting, Appliku is for you.”

Aiden Masiero
Aiden Masiero
Founder Bantopia.com