This article covers steps for deployment from JetBrains Space to a server managed by Appliku.

For this example I have created a team in JB Space called "appliku" and an app called "sometest".

All URLs will be provided as examples with these names, change them to yours.

Follow this steps to deploy from JetBrains Space:

Open your team in JetBrains Space and go to the Extensions page

Click on the "New Application" button.

Give app a name. It says, human-readable, but I suggest using lowercase and no spaces, as this app will be used in credentials and spaces might cause problems.

Click the "Create" button. Then click "Go to application".

Go to "Authorization" tab.

Click "Authorize in project".

Select your project and click "Authorize".

Click "Configure"

Turn on "View Project details" and "Read Git Repositories", click save

Click on "Authorization" link

Click on "Permanent Tokens".

Click "New Permanent Token..."

Give your token a name and click "Create"

You will be given a token, click "Copy" and save it somewhere. This token will not be shown to you anymore.

Now switch to Appliku Dashboard and in your team click on Create an application:

Pick "Custom"

Now go back to your Jetbrains Space interface and copy HTTPS clone URL for your repository.

Back to Appliku interface. Fill in the form for new application, into the field Git URL paste the HTTPS clone URL you copied from JB Space.

Now edit the URL. It should contain extension application name (applikudeploy in our example) and a token so the URL will look like this:


So in our example it will look this way (token is truncated to make it easier to read):

Now you can click on "Create Application".

If it shows error, then you might have structured URL incorrectly.

You can also test the URL locally by running this command in your terminal:

git ls-remote https://<extension_app_name>:<token>

Now let's go back to Jetbrains Space and go to "Webhooks" tab of the extension application.

Click on "New webhook"

Give it the webhook a name, I recommend to include the application name, and click "Create"

Create a new subscription:

In the new subscription form fill in these fields: * Name (I recommend including the name of the app) * Source: Git Repository Commits * Project: your project * Filter by repository: your repository * branch - the branch you will use for deployment, in our example "main" * Events - "Git repository commit"

Now click Save

Now click on the pencil icon near "Endpoint".

Disabled "Use application settings".

You also need the Endpoint URL.

In appliku dashboard open settings for your newly created app and go to the "Webhook" tab. Copy the webhook URL from there and paste it into the Endpoint URL in JB Space interface. and click "Save".

You can now click the "Test endpoint" button, switch to Appliku Dashboard and see that there the first deployment for the app appeard and in progress.

Now you have working deployment from GIT repository from JetBrains Space!