You can add Slack notifications for deployments of every application within your team.

  1. To do that you, as the Owner of an Appliku team, need to create an application in Slack: Create a New Slack App
  2. Select "From Scratch" New Slack App From Scratch
  3. Fill in the form with App Name and the workspace where you want to add the bot, and click Create App
  4. Click on Incoming Webhooks link
  5. Enable the "Activate Incoming Webhooks" toggle
  6. Click the button at the bottom of the page "Add New Webhook to Workspace"
  7. Select a channel where notifications will be posted and click "Allow" button
  8. Copy the Webhook URL
  9. Open your team settings in Appliku and click "Edit Team Information"
  10. Paste the webhook URL into the field "Slack Webhook URL" and click the "Update Team" Button.